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the state of indiana shut down the sherman-minton bridge, the sherman-minton brej idge connects the town of new albany in southern indiana to louisville, kentucky. indiana is in charge of the bridge that spans the two states. the bridge was not shut down in this case because of some big storm like hurricane irene. the bridge was shut down in this case because it was deemed too dangerous to be kept open. inspection crews found a crack in a load bearing part of this 50-year-old bridge and decided they need to close down this bridge for at least three weeks for further diagnosis. every day 80,000 vehicles use that bridge to cross the ohio river. those commuters are being die verts verted to two other bridges, making a 20-minute commute a two-hour commute and adding to the aging process of the other two bridges to which traffic is being diverted. the mayor of jeffersonville, indiana, is urging motorists who need to go to downtown louisville from southern indiana to instead consider crossing the ohio river in madison, indiana, about 35 miles out of the way. the folks who use that bridge to ge
to an unforgettable home coming in indiana. her boyfriend's elaborate proposal is our favorite story of the day. d the stories are always so cool to hear. >> you have to hear the stories, any time, but especially now. we begin with the all-out ambush on texas governor rickck perry last night's debate. >> republican rivals attacked perry not only on social security, immigration, economic record in texas. abc's correspondent joins us now with highlights. good morning, brad. >> reporter: good. from social security to social and economic issues, each republican trying to stand out at laos night's debate. front-runner rick perry had to face his gop opposition. eight republicans courting the came out swinging. party support mitt romney tried to back rick perry into the corner for calling social security a ponzi scheme. but the texas governor fouought back. it has been called by a ponzi scheme by many people long before me. >> governor, the term scared seniors. social security is an essential program. >> you said if people did i iin the private sector it would be called criminal. that is in your book. >>
to a controversy in indiana and it's involving segregation. they never see each other, not on the bus or cafeteria or the hallways. the principal separated the sexes to help boost learning and he said there are fewer discipline issues and better test scores. >> in the classroom we've seen more engagement, for kids doing a better job instructing. >> well the students argue socializing is part of high school life and as one student put it, society is not segregated, why should school be? that's an interesting thought. and that's come in and out of vogue over the years and does that make sense or are the hormones the same? do they do better in school when they are less distracted? mail bag at >>> well every fashion lover knows missoni, the italian designer with the zig-zag print, normally you see it up on the runway, but today it debuted at target for a fraction of the normal cost and the results -- missoni mannia. it shut down target website so we sent kristin fisher out there to see if we could find the items in the store before they were all gone. >> reporter: so i just drove out to thi
officer and ten as the homeland security reporter originally from evansville indiana congressional quarterly. next question mr. stark. >> yes, if you look it's difficult for congress because the police and firefighters and rescue personnel are a powerful constituency and it's ridiculous politically. i'm wondering how much the wireless carriers who also have their own spectrum have their own political weight to bring to bear, how much in the spectrum debate are the allies and how much are they the enemies? >> i think some of each. some of the major carriers are very supportive of the efforts because they had a video where it would be beneficial for the public community than to their business interest for. of course we are very pleased with that and there are some in the commercial world that are looking at it that what we believe ms. moore selfishly to deal with their particular needs as a company and when that happens that is surprising to us. we have more support than we had detractors, and that's very helpful. >> i would never consider any of the public safety communications carr
to the walgreen's headquarters in indiana, and they did not return our calls. reporting live in south san francisco, i'm cheryl herd, nbc bay area news. >> thanks so much for the update. >>> a warning tonight for students at san jose state university. the most recent assault happened around 2:00 sunday morning near campus village at 9th and east san salvador streets. police are still investigating the case and have not released additional details. last monday an attempted assault was reported. tonight campus police is reminding students not to walk at home at night and stay in well-lit areas. >>> the pregnant woman charged with murdering missing nursing student will have another week to enter a plea. the judge delayed the hearing while it's determined whether she's eligible for a public defender. lei's family declined to talk about esteban, instead are urging those to help find lei. >> the district attorney's office has recommended us not to speak with our -- talk about the case publicly or in the media, and so we're just focussed on finding michelle, and we're going to continue holding s
and back into southern indiana. watch the line of showers here wednesday afternoon. especially north and west of town by 6:00, ahead of that front. then that front is going to sort of slide through here wednesday night, thursday morning. behind the front, we've got showers and some of these could be with us during the day on thursday. but we'll be a lot cooler by then. we're not talking about 80s by then. we're talking about lots of 70s. maria, a storm with 50-mile- per-hour winds is up here with the big pieces of the storm. for maria, it will run the chute between bermuda and north carolina. later on in the week, if you're going to the beach this weekend, watch out for the waves and riptides. tonight, 60s. 87 tomorrow. tomorrow, see a chance for a few thunderstorms especially north and west of town. by thursday, a few more clouds. cooler, maybe a shower or two. 76. friday, a lot cooler. we're going to struggle to get to 70 on friday. may stay only in the 60s. saturday, sunny and 72. sunday, sunny and 75. monday, perhaps a shower returns. temperature high, 78. monika? >> turning out
of the house of january 5, 2011, the gentleman from indiana, mr. burton, will control the remainder of the time. mr. burton: thank you, mr. speaker. how much time remains? the speaker pro tempore: 33 minutes. mr. burton: thank you very much. mr. speaker, i ask unanimous consent to revise and extend my remarks. mr. speaker, you know, a lot of times when people ask me, why do you have a special order when the chamber's not in session? and it doesn't appear anybody's paying any attention? we all have monitors back in our offices and many of our members who are not in attendance get a chance to hear what other members have to say during special orders and it also allows us, if people across the country happen to be paying attention to what's going on in washington, it gives them a chance to see and hear some of the issues that we're talking about. one of the things that really concerns me that i hope everybody's concerned about is the terrible spending problem we have here in washington and that spending problem and what that spending problem causes. you know, when you spend more money and you prin
. those strings have been turning up and receive years in food. a big road connecting southern indiana to northern kentucky was shut down after inspectors found cracks, the sherman milton bridge that goes over the ohio river was officially closed today in definitely cracks found on to big support beams, there is no word yet on how exactly the plan on fixing the problem. the remnants of tropical storm lee are still being felt in pennsylvania, about living under people are still without power more than 200 roads remain closed. the death toll dropped from 13 down to 11. high waters are receding in the flooding remains a problem from new york to maryland. >> a live look outside from arcaro this afternoon. sunny skies over the bay. we see sunny skies bay area wide, the fog did push back off shore. it is sitting offshore right now. this fall will be returning as we head into the overnight hours. we will seek pretty widespread fog out there tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning temperatures will stay mouth. the subtropical moisture is still there with us. i'll show you that a moment. we have co
in a given area. i visited the fusion center in the state of indiana. i've done it in a couple other areas and i think they represent probably the best hope for giving you the kind of response you want on unity of effort in any given crisis. >> gentlelady from new york, my colleague, ms. clarke. mr. clark from michigan. >> thank you, mr. chair. my question to the entire panel is how can the department of homeland security best judge in urban areas risk of an attack based on the assessment that it uses now? i represent metropolitan detroit. we have a large international airport hub. that airport was the destination of the plane that the christmas day bomber attempted to blow up. there is a strong likelihood that our region could be the target of another attack. now in addition to the likelihood of an attack, the department also needs to look at the consequences of an attack. metropolitan metropolitan detroit did not use that as an example. we have a large population center. we have a border that is water, that is also the busiest international border crossing in terms of trade in north amer
in indiana. three years before that. here's the thing they went to extreme length to get consent. so the question is, why didn't they get consent from the subjects in guatemala. the commission found the double standard shocking. a civilization can be judged by the way it treats most vulnerable individuals. it is our moral responsibility to care for those who cannot protect themselves and clearly in this dark chapter of our medical history, we grievously failed to keep that covenants. the commission is focusing on reviewing current ethics stan darz on how effectively we now protect human research subjects. that report will be given to the president we're told in december. >>> coming up, some of these victims are accusing the pope of crimes against humanity. the pope, yes, the group says the catholic leader is turning a blind eye. our experts weigh in next. whoa! hey! [ dog barks, growls ] ♪ whoa, watch out, little man. ♪ [ male announcer ] when you take away the worry, it's easy to enjoy the ride. hey, bud. hey, dad. [ male announcer ] introducing cadillac shield. the most compreh
of the indiana national guard, head over heels with his girlfriend kelly oz bourn, he surprised her as she arrived in indianapolis. >> numerous times >> i think before yeah. >> if we have to be away from each other we will make do that is why we signed up to do our jobs. so if we have to be a part from each other -- >> want to put it on >> they don't want to wait too long they hope to tie the knot in the next 6 months. >> how sweet. got to love it. >> good luck to them. >> that makes me all teary eyed. >> just a little. >> sure is. good luck to them. >> all righty, let's ooler air behind it it will be much cooler around the great lakes, places like that, parts of new england and upper midwest, could see their first falcon decisions of the year here, we will have highs in the 50s end of the week forecast next five days, 87 degrees. quiet day, sunshine, warm showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. as a cold front comes through high 88 thursday 77, isolated thunderstorm friday saturday and even sunday. highs in the 60s with sunshine. i should say a mix o
. here are some of senator kyle's remarks on the floor today. then you'll hear from indiana republican senator dan coats. >> president obama is about to s rule out another jobs plan he talked about last week.irst this is two and a half years tfter the first stimulus billabu which with interest to about $1.2 trillion, and his economict advisers have confirmed the fact that this stimulus concept isd o economic theory, and as our republican leader noted last week, unfortunately there areico now 1.7 million fewer jobs in of america are according to theicsn bureau of labor statistics than president' before the president's first stimulus bill. so the question is whether it iy better in theory than it is in practice. and i wanted to talk today a littlebasi bit about the twocono different basic theories of a economic growth and when you doh in aav situation of economic downturn like we have today.stim how should we be looking at the stimulation of job creation and economic growth, the two competing theories of course are the keynesian theory that i mentioned and what some have called supply-si
on in the world. host: going to danville, indiana next. caller: so many things to talk about that this defense budget -- i was a veteran of 22 years of the navy. i went through cuts during all those times. the military is doing much more with much less. there should be no cuts to defense. when you cut your defense, you're cutting the security of this fine country. as far as the people who blamed bush about going into a rack, the entire congress agreed to go over there yet i remember right and do what we did over there, and what you do not hear from the media is the tons of uranium found at the end of that war and the convoy of things that were going into syria prior to our attack into iraq. i think people need to step up before blaming george bush. it is not just him. a lot of things are going on, ok? you do not go out and tell your enemy what date you are leaving. last night, with this hpv maxine, ovarian cancer is a very dangerous thing. if you had an opt-out to not allow that to your child, that is ok. what about the abortions that children are getting through their schools, where the paren
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)